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Captain Andrew Stone

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Captain Andrew Stone

Post  Andrew Stone on Sun Nov 06, 2011 11:45 am


Name: Andrew Stone

Age/Date of Birth: 39/August 25th 2346

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Department: Command


Skin Complexion Andrew had a slightly fading tan due to prolonged lack of exposure to sunlight

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 13 stone 7 pounds

Distinctive features: No overly distinguishable features

Personality: Andrew is essentially a shy man. Years of bullying and an introvert personality he finds it hard to be confident in social situations, except when he dances. Whenever he dances he feels like the world around him doesn’t matter anymore that his childhood and subsequent problems are so insignificant that they are trivial.

He is kind, caring and honest. Andrew hates people that are fake and horrible as he suffered at the hands of people just like that when he was at school. He was well suited to go into medicine with such qualities. Andrew always ensured that he puts the needs of his patients before his own and held the Hippocratic Oath in a very high regard, one of the driving principles of his command.

As a command officer Andrew is firm, but fair. He likes to encourage young and inexperienced officers to realise their full potential, almost as if he was channelling his old dance coach. However, Andrew will not allow officers and crewmembers under his command to slack off or be derelict of duty. He has no qualms with hauling any crewmember of any rank in front of him to give them a dressing down if he feels they do not give their all to their work.


Parents: Michael and Yulia Stone

Siblings: None

Marital Status: Single

Personal History: Born to Michael and Yulia Stone in the latest week of August he was always told stories by his mother always centred on the sweltering heat of the Australian climate and that combined with childbirth was not compatible with the Russian born woman. Andrew was met with great joy by his parents, though they decided that they wanted to stay with just one child and to focus on their careers once Andrew reached the age of going to school.

Both his parents doted on him as a child and rarely forced him to do anything he didn’t want to do. This encouraged a behaviour in the young Andrew to stay at home instead of be outside playing, which then resulted in him overeating and developing obesity as a child. To say it was miserable for the boy was an understatement. School for him was always an effort to be enthused about; he was bullied by a lot of kids for his weight and struggled to develop friendships because other kids feared of becoming a secondary victim for the school bullies. Home life was always nice but his parents were both ambitious in their careers. By Andrew’s tenth birthday his father was the School Commissioner of the Northern Territory in Australia and his mother was a School Principal. He didn’t want for anything, but he suffered from not having his parent’s direct support all the time.

When he reached his teens Andrew was a regular victim for bullies, his weight an ever increasing issue he decided that it was for him to solve, not anybody else. He tried out a few sports but didn’t seem to connect with the games and it wasn’t until he went to a Ballroom dance school at 14 that he found an activity he was in love with.

Andrew quickly picked up steps and was fast tracked through medal grades so he could begin competing. At the age of 15 Andrew won his first regional competition with his dance partner Helena Anders, whom he became very close with. The pair became a regular competitive couple in the Ballroom dance scene and were the first couple to win the North American Ballroom Cup under the age of 23. A career in Ballroom dancing was fast becoming a possibility. Andrew and Helena entered into the National Terran Cup, but failed to win, losing out to their rivals. Losing was a blow to Andrew’s confidence, but he kept positive and they competed in the competition two more time, but were unsuccessful each time.

His dance coach was a constant source of support in Andrew’s life and was the main person who encouraged him to pursue a professional dance career, but Andrew was not convinced. Losing the National tournament three years in a row put a downer on his ambitions as a dancer, especially professionally, and he looked to Star Fleet as serious contender for his career.

At school Andrew had excelled in subjects where he avoided the other kids by spending as much time in extra-curricular activities and swotting in the library. The sciences interested him and medicine was a subject that always piqued his interest. With the required grades he enrolled in Star Fleet at the age of 22, older than most but was focused on excelling as a doctor.

With his medical degree and basic training completed Andrew was promoted to Midshipman and assigned to the USS Tokyo. He slotted into the large medical team quickly, slightly reverting back to childhood when he didn’t make a lot of friends. He was the new guy in a team that seemed to have been together for years, but he persevered and soon developed a tight-knit group of friends. After two years on the Tokyo Andrew had finished his residency and was promoted to Ensign and given leadership of the Gamma shift (the graveyard shift to the majority of the crew), which tended to be very uneventful and if there was a major emergency the CMO would return to sickbay to take charge.

He spent another year on the Tokyo until he was promoted to Lieutenant (JG) when he was transferred to the medical ship USS Marie Curie. The Marie Curie was assigned to medical transport duty and rescue operations during the Dominion War. A mission that Andrew remembers vividly was a rescue operation after the Battle of the Chin’toka system. The Marie Curie slipped into the system under Dominion sensors and transported as many survivors they could before they were noticed. The first patient he treated that they rescued was a pregnant engineering officer that took the full brunt of a console overload, which resulted in extensive burns over her entire body and caused her waters to break after only 27 weeks. Andrew was forced to perform an emergency caesarean to save the baby, but despite his efforts he was not able to save the woman’s life.

It was not until that day that Andrew finally understood the lessons he was taught at the Academy; lessons of emotional detachment from his patients. Even thought he had never met the woman and hardly knew her from Adam he felt invested in her life due his saving of her child. It was a hard lesson for the young man to learn.

Andrew stayed with the Marie Curie until the end of the war when he was transferred to the USS Tripoli with a promotion to full Lieutenant and the position of Assitant Chief Medical Officer. The Tripoli was sent to patrol the Federation-Cardassian border. The Cardassians were not receptive to the post-war restrictions put on them by the Federation and engaged in a series of skirmish strikes against Federation ships. During one attack against the Tripoli the Chief Medical Officer was killed so Andrew was given a field promotion to CMO in his place. Still relatively young on the career ladder Andrew got a taste for departmental command and he loved it. He could see that command was now a potential career decision for him instead of solely focusing on medicine.

In another attack by Cardassians the Tripoli’s Commanding Officer was injured by stray shrapnel from an exploding console and as the only fully qualified surgeon aboard Andrew was the only one who could repair the damage. The shrapnel collapsed a lung and perforated his liver and a kidney. It took five hours for the surgery to be complete and Andrew was only able to save the kidney and liver, the lung had to be removed. It was later replaced by a clone organ. Soon after the Tripoli was recalled to Starbase as more diplomatic routes were taken to control the Cardassians. Andrew was awarded the Christopher Pike medal of honour for his life-saving attempts and was recommended by his Captain for a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

Andrew was then transferred to the USS Majesty, which was commanded by his former First Officer of the Marie Curie. Andrew was selected especially for this position as an experience officer in charge of a relatively young crew. The Majesty partly served as a training vessel for a few select Academy cadets and had a lot of new graduates siphoned to them. Along with his duties as CMO on the Majesty Andrew was also promoted to the position of Second Officer. He was in the command team and it only just pushed him to want it more. Andrew requested a leave of absence to return to the Academy to undergo a command training course, which provided Andrew with a lot of First Officer positions, but the position on the Majesty was vacated and it was an offer he could not refuse.

Command was a new challenge for Andrew. As a doctor and CMO he was responsible for the health for the crew but as FO he was responsible for all personnel matters. However, he found that his experience in dealing with patients set him in good stead when dealing with the crew. He always listened to their complaints, but suffered no fools when it came to dereliction of duty. Andrew demanded the very best from those who served under him.

Andrew spent five years on the Majesty as the FO when his work was noticed by the 7th Fleet Commander; Admiral T’Lana, whom was very impressed by him. The recent Borg War had devastated the Federation and the Alpha Quadrant, but it had produced new exploration avenues for them. In a sector where major battle between Federation Ships and a Borg Cube occurred a rift in subspace occurred that led to a newly discovered Galaxy. T’Lana was put in charge of the exploration group and she offered Andrew his own command within the group. The Luna class ships were being produced at a newly quickened rate and she offered him the USS Janeway, a Luna class dedicated to the fallen Admiral. Kathryn Janeway had been a source of inspiration to Andrew for a long time and, though, it was a difficult decision to make he accepted the command. He said farewell to the Majesty and returned to Earth while the finishing touches were made to the Janeway, which gave him the time to crew his ship.

Hobbies: Ballroom Dancing

Out of Character

Player Name: Morgan

Instant Messenger addresses: - MSN

Play-by Avatar: Ewan McGregor

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Andrew Stone
Command - Captain
Command - Captain

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Re: Captain Andrew Stone

Post  Andrew Stone on Sun Nov 06, 2011 11:50 am

Andrew Stone
Command - Captain
Command - Captain

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