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Species List

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Species List

Post  Claudia Nevala on Tue Dec 13, 2011 9:25 pm

Accepted Species List

As we’re entering a new galaxy, please feel free to suggest ideas for new species as a reply to this topic or PM me. Everything is welcome!  I might have forgotten a few species as well, so give me a shout if there are any missing.

Human: Good old natives of Earth also known as Terrans. They’re one of the founding members of the Federation and as one of the most well travelled species, their influence is well spread.They generally live about 110-120 years although some have gone beyond 130. Physically they’re one of the weaker species with average heights from 5’ to 6’5 where the females of the species are often slighter. They make up for their physical failings with their unyielding determination and higher than average intelligence.

Vulcans: From the volcanic and desert planet Vulcan, they’re widely known for their highly logical minds and stoic culture. One of the closest allies of the human race, they were instrumental in the creation of the Federation and have a history with Earth spanning over three hundred years. Physically they’re very similar to humans with a few key differences; they have copper based green blood, the tips of their ears end in a distinctive point and have eyebrows which sweep up. They’re physically very strong with incredible stamina and are comfortable at high temperatures and can last days without water. Their typical lifespan exceeds two hundred years.
More info:

Klingons: They are a warrior species from the planet Qo’nos and one of the major powers of the galaxy. Although not part of the Federation, they’re a close ally after a difficult beginning. They are widely respected as warriors with their culture based around battle, honour and ritual. On average they’re taller and stronger than humans and are identified by cranial ridges on their forehead.
More info:

Bajoran: Physically they’re almost identical humans except for a ridge along the top of their nose. Natives of the planet Bajor, they suffered greatly under the Cardassian Union until their liberation in 2369. They’re a deeply spiritual society and their religion is based upon the revelations of the Prophets who come to be known as the timeless beings residing in the Bajoran wormhole.
More info:

Betazoid: Natives of the planet Betazed they are physically indistinguishable from humans except for one aspect: the irises of their eyes are completely black. Being so close to humans, cross breeding between the two species is relatively easy. They are natural telepaths, a skill which develops in adolescence and due to this telepathy they have a very honest and open culture which other species often find uncomfortable or even rude.
More info:

Trill: From the planet Trill, they are a species able to bond with a symbiont, a sentient symbiotic organism which co-habitats in their bodies. This results in joined personalities and memories of the current host, past hosts and the symbiont itself. Only a small percentage of the population take a symbiont. They are distinguishable from humans by two rows of spots going down each side of their body from forehead to toe.
More info:

Andorian: From the moon Andoria, they are one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets. Andorians are blue skinned with white or silver hair with two antennae which aids in balance, if one is lost the Andorian is partially disabled for a short term and takes up to nine months to regrow one. They are a militaristic race, it is considered an honour to serve in their Imperial Guard and military rank greatly influences social reputation.
More info:

Restricted Species

If you would like to play any of these species, please PM either Andrew Stone or myself with a quick outline of the character and the vision for their future. Due to being a recent enemy of the Federation or something like that, we’d like to clear it first. That doesn’t mean we discourage it! If you’ve got a Cardassian character with a situation reason as to why they’d be on a Federation colony then go for it 

Romulan: They are the distant descendents of the Vulcans, they were originally a group of Vulcans who departed the planet in the fourth century and established their own settlements with the seat of power created on twin planets, Romulus and Remus. While Romulus was a Class M planet, Remus was a harsh planet known for its dilithium deposits. They are extremely xenophobic to the point of racism and tend to conquer species rather than form alliances. Due to their shared ancestry, Vulcans and Romulans possess a very similar physiology. Romulans have pointed ears, eyebrows that are arched and up swept and copped based blood which appears green when oxygenated. What sets them aside from Vulcans are the brow ridges above the bridge of their nose, forming a V shape on the forehead. Like their cousins, they live in excess of two hundred years. Their relationship with the Federation is often strained and tense at the best of times.
More info:

Cardassian: A brutal militaristic race known throughout the Alpha Quadrant for their ruthlessness. They became an enemy of the Federation and Klingon Empire when they joined the Dominion in 2373. Their xenophobic attitudes are well established after the Setlik III massacre during the Cardassian War as well as the atrocities seen during the Occupation of Bajor. They’re easily recognised by their light grey skin, two thick vertical ridges that recede back to their crown of their head and an inverted tear shaped ridge in the centre of their forehead. The ridge is thickets immediately above the eyes.

Borg: They are a race of cybernetic beings from the Delta Quadrant which exist within ‘The Collective’ where no true individual can be, instead they function within the hive mind under the control of the Queen. Their ultimate goal is perfection through the forcible assimilation of diverse species, technologies and knowledge. As a result they are one of the powerful and feared races in the entire galaxy. Their appearance in part relies on the species they were before becoming a drone and the specialised mechanical work done on them.
More info:
Note: Why, I hear you ask, has she put the Collective? Well there are examples of drones returning to the way they were but one of the main reasons is the liberation of Unimatrix Zero. These drones took charge of their own ships and broke away, if one of these ships was near the Alpha or Beta Quadrants then it stands to reason they could be a character, hopefully they would’ve found a surgeon to remove at least some of the mechanical stuff. Keep in mind, it’s a lot easier for them to re-establish themselves into a ‘normal’ society if they were assimilated at an older age.
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