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Kallisto McConnell

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Kallisto McConnell

Post  Kallisto McConnell on Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:01 am


Kallisto “Kally” McConnell

Age/Date of Birth:
102, 1/4/2283





Skin Complexion:
True to her red hair, Kally has skin of pure alabaster which is very sensitive to sunlight.

Long coppery locks fall well beyond her shoulders in smooth, straight lines.


10 stone


Distinctive features:
None in particular.

Kally has a serene way about her. Although only half El-Aurian, she had some insight into time and space and has lived an excess of a hundred years thus this has given her a unique perspective. She understands people well and has time for everyone. She finds it a pleasure to listen and to give advice.


Anarra Brel, 460 (roughly born 1925), El-Aurian.
Malcolm McConnell, deceased 2348, aged 95, human writer.

She has 4 sisters and 2 brothers from the same parents as well additional siblings from her mother’s previous and subsequent relationships.

Marital Status:
Widowed. Was married to Doctor Jerren Carner from 2313 to his death in 2365 from a neurological condition, he was 85.

Jana and Jack, born 2323

Personal History:
The second of seven children, Kally was born in 2283 on the farming colony of Antara, not far from Klingon space. Her mother was an El-Aurian refugee who fled and survived the Borg attack on her home system in 2265, before then she had never left that sector of space. As far as she knows, none of her family, including a dozen or so children, survived. She spent the next ten years trying to get to Federation space, knowing this was probably the safest place with a group of other refugees. The moment she set foot on Antara, a small out of the way colony, she knew she’d found her new home. Surprisingly human and El-Aurian DNA were compatible and so the McConnell family came to be. Her father was a writer who had escaped the big, bustling planets to help find his writing voice.

Kally’s childhood was idyllic. There were no holodecks, replicators or transporters in their small village. All the children attended a small school and their evenings were spent climbing trees, running through fields, learning music and putting on shows for their family and friends. It was a very old fashioned and traditional upbringing but Kally didn’t know any different.

Kally moved to one of the bigger cities on Antara at the age of twenty to study English Literature and earned her BSc three years later. Without much direction in life, although she wasn’t worried for they estimated her lifespan to be somewhere between a human’s and El-Aurian’s so at least three hundred years, she returned to the village and helped her mother with the younger siblings and became a teacher at the local school.

This simple life suited her until a plague hit the colony in 2312. It was a planet wide infection which required Starfleet’s intervention before it became a tragedy. Their doctors and biologists were almost everywhere and it was during this time that Kally met her future husband, a Betazoid physician called Jerren Carner. She was attracted to his openness having come from such a close knit and honest family. He stayed there for a month and during the time they grew very close and so when he left they stayed in constant contact, marrying on Antara and Betazed a year later.

Becoming a Starfleet wife was easier than everyone had warned her it would be. When she could she travelled the galaxy with him and found space travel an interesting change of pace. Unfortunately they didn’t have as much success in reproducing as her parents did. Testing showed that although humans could mate with ease with El-Aurians and Betazoids, the Betazoid and El-Aurian DNA were more problematic. After years of miscarriages and failed attempts, twins Jana and Jack were born in 2323.

After the birth of the twins, they settled on Betazed where Jerren worked at the Starfleet Medical outpost and Kally busied herself as a mother and eventually would go back into teaching. As the years went on, she barely aged while having to watch her husband slowly deteriorate and ultimately succumb to an incurable neurological disorder at the age of 85. Their children had flown the nest years before, so at 82 found herself at a crossroads. Physically she was as fit as a fiddle being the human equivalent of around 30.

Deciding to pool her talents, Kally entered Starfleet Medical Academy in 2367 and graduated in 2375, specialising in trauma and emergency medicine during which time she did a year’s internship with Professor Agala. It was a strange experience, being around humans for the majority of the time or being mistaken for a full blooded one of the species, most believed her to be around their age. The fact that by this time she had four grandchildren was one she usually kept under wraps.

Upon graduation she was posted on the USS Moscow, at the tail end of the Dominion War. She stayed onboard for six years accumulating experience and with it came a promotion to Lieutenant in 2381. She would next spend four years on the USS Hope, a medical ship which was assigned to Cardassian space to help with their massive casualties. When the opportunity came to join an exploration vessel, she applied for the USS Janeway.

Traditional skills still run deep in Kally despite her partial conversion to a more technological life. She loves cooking from scratch and still plays the violin. Her favourite way to unwind is with a bottle of wine, a bath and a good book.

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Bryce Dallas Howard

Kallisto McConnell
Kallisto McConnell
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Medical - Lt

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Re: Kallisto McConnell

Post  Andrew Stone on Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:18 am

Excellent bio, accepted.

Captain Andrew Stone
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Andrew Stone
Andrew Stone
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