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James Evans

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James Evans

Post  James Evans on Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:58 am


Name:James Daniel Evans

Age/Date of Birth:39/March 11th 2346





Skin Complexion: Pale



Distinctive features:Nothing significant to note.

Personality:James’s personality seems to be significantly varied. When not frustrated about something he tends to be quiet, distracted and introverted. He is not known to talk much about himself, his history or anything regarding him. He finds it difficult to make friends, and finds social situations frustrating, uncomfortable and annoying and much prefers machines over people. His indifference towards authority can be noted in whether or not he thinks the person in authority knows what they are talking about. He often chooses to ignore a command altogether if he deems it ‘pointless’, ‘stupid’ or ‘unrelated’, and usually will blank it completely. Arguments seem to occur around him over such matters and his impulsiveness. Similarly, he is not afraid to say exactly what he thinks, regardless of whom he might be speaking to. Admittedly, his own personal morals do sometimes get in the way of his better judgement and this has occasionally proved a problem for him in the past. Still, he is deeply passionate about his work, to the point of being obsessive and protective of it.
He can admittedly be quite embarrassed about his obsession with collecting and card games (and tends to get frustrated if he loses at the latter).


Parents:Teresa Evans

Siblings:John David Evans

Marital Status:Single

Personal History:It might have seemed strange when one saw the young James Daniel Evans to think that he would grow up to be upon such an endeavour in his later life. While he was young, his family consisted of his mother and elder brother. James was a quiet child to begin with, rarely interacting with children his own age deeming them ‘stupid’ and preferring much more to read books on all and sundry. This appears to have been where his obsession with taking things apart and putting them back together again seemed to have come from. While reading his books, he quickly became obsessed with the idea of ‘morals’ and gained further thoughts on how people were generally stupid and idiotic.
As he grew older, he took his opinion on what was ‘right’ to new levels, beating up children in school who bullied others, shouting back at teachers and generally causing trouble to set things right. (He once stole his teacher’s radio “because he didn’t deserve it” and ended up taking it apart and rebuilding it for himself instead). When getting into his teens, James joined several social and political groups, some of which had less-than favourable ways of getting their opinions recognised by a wider populace.
This resulted in several criminal convictions throughout his juvenile and teenage years, including disrupt of public order, breaking and entering, criminal damage, arson, among other, similar offences. He had never quite considered just how much was on the list, because he tried to see a way to brush it all under the carpet – or as much of it as possible (there were a few instances where he had to undergo community service, much to his displeasure). Even so, through luck or some other means, the 19 year-old was able to gain a scholarship allowing him a chance to attend a rather high-ranking college in hopes that similar people of his ‘background’ might learn valuable skills and in turn become model citizens.
It would be a lie to say it worked entirely. His attitude for authority seemed to consistently waver, however, it was here where his capabilities with engineering really came into the forefront. So much so, that the college requested that he finish the rest of his community service term working at the college instead. Which James did, followed by the offer of employment. He worked at the college for several years. His attitude for authority seeming to evolve from unbridled contempt to plain indifference. As long as they did not get in his way, or suggest something stupid, he would be fine. It could not be said that he made many friends while at the college, but that did not seem like something that bothered him. Unbeknownst to everyone around him, it seemed James had taken a silent obsession with that of Starfleet. Working at the college was all well and good, but after several years he had become bored of it, and was looking for the next great leap he could take on. And he knew exactly how to get it.

It seemed in his spare time, he had spent what money he had earned working, taking courses and lessons and attending classes to go under several rigorous tests to achieve the grades that would allow him into Starfleet academy. Perhaps it might have been another chance to shove two more fingers up at those who assumed he was going nowhere. But that was something kept to himself and (was one of the few things) he didn’t vocalise.
He still cannot abide stupid people, regardless of where their positions in authority are, especially if they come across as not being stupid, when they clearly are. This again has led to several awkward incidents when attending Starfleet. However, perhaps due to the frustration of some of those dealing with discipline at the academy, James’ passion for engineering could not be faulted. He could ace all his tests in a heartbeat, and often over-examined things, to the point of making engines not only work, but even work better. He would often take a hands-on approach, and refuses to accept matters as being futile – regardless of what the authority said. While also applying significantly differing solutions to problems that he said would ‘happen eventually if not sorted now’. Finally passing with flying colours, James was given a position to work as an Assistant Engineer on a much smaller craft (the USS Hubble) which surveyed the system. James was of the opinion he was put there to be ‘out of the way’ though yet again, his skills and understanding of the inner workings of the ship’s engine lead to him surpassing even the Chief Engineer in terms of capability. Upon hearing about the position of Chief Engineer being available on the USS Janeway heading into new, uncharted territory, James personally requested Captain Stone to take him on board as part of the Engineering crew.

Hobbies:Playing card games, watching old movies and collecting vintage movie posters.

Career Highlights/Medals:

Out of Character

Player Name:Scarlett

Instant Messenger

Play-by Avatar:Misha Collins
James Evans
James Evans
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Engineering - Lt

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Re: James Evans

Post  Andrew Stone on Mon Nov 28, 2011 2:28 pm

A very good bio there, welcome to site. I have decided to give you the rank of Lieutenant as it seems to fit best with the character history you have written.

Captain Andrew Stone
Commanding Officer, USS Janeway
Starfleet Command
Andrew Stone
Andrew Stone
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Command - Captain

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