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The Plot of the USS Janeway

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The Plot of the USS Janeway

Post  Andrew Stone on Mon Nov 28, 2011 10:06 am

The Plot

War has ravaged the Alpha Quadrant pushing the Federation to its limits. The Dominion, the Cardassians, the Romulans, the Borg and countless other species have all waged war forcing Starfleet to pursue military campaigns instead of its integral goal of exploration and discovery.

With the major wars of the 24th Century over the Federation began rebuilding its territories and delivering aid to those displaced during the wars, but with a direct order from the President of the Federation a renewed effort of exploration was initiated.

The Borg Invasion devastated the Federation and during rescue operations of a major battle ground, Sector 108, an inter-spatial rift was discovered. The rift was scanned by rescue vessels but no time was able to be assigned to cataloguing the anomaly. While vessels were leaving the sector the rift closed upon itself and it wasn’t until two years later that a science vessel was dispatched to investigate the occurrence and the effects it left on surrounding space.

The USS Endeavour was dispatched and on approach to the last known co-ordinates of the rift their sensors detected a large anomaly matching the scans first recorded. It had grown in size and was now stable. Long distance sensor sweeps didn’t reveal any new information and the Captain took the vessel in closer.

As the Endeavour approached severe gravimetric forces caught the ship unawares and pulled it in knocking out primary power.

It wasn’t until the ship switched to auxiliary power that astronomical scans showed they were no longer in the Alpha Quadrant, no longer in the Milky Way. The rift was an inter-galactic gateway to a distant galaxy, M-19, further out than Andromeda. The ship had travelled more than three million light-years from their previous co-ordinates.

At first the crew of the Endeavour believe they were lost out here, almost resigned to the fact they would never see Earth again until scans revealed the rift was still open though showing signs of collapse. They travelled as quickly as possible to the rift and re-entered Federation Space.

At Starfleet command this new Galaxy was the new discovery they had been hoping for. An exploration task force was created under the command of Admiral T’Lana. Its mission was to utilise this Galaxy to expand and broaden their knowledge to benefit the Federation.

The task force took a year to organise while probes were sent through, which confirmed the readings took by the Endeavour; it was galaxy three and a half million light years away.

As the task force was nearing completion the addition of the newly commissioned USS Janeway, a Luna class vessel, under the command of Captain Andrew Stone was assigned to be the lead exploration vessel with the overall responsibility for science and diplomatic missions.

Now Captain Stone is faced with picking a crew for his ship. With such an important mission he has applications from the best and the brightest of Starfleet all wanting to be a part of this historic venture into a new Galaxy, it is going to a new frontier of space exploration. Will the USS Janeway prosper of falter in this Galaxy where it will come face-to-face with untold wonders and treacherous alien species?

Captain Andrew Stone
Commanding Officer, USS Janeway
Starfleet Command
Andrew Stone
Andrew Stone
Command - Captain
Command - Captain

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